Tuesday, February 1, 2011

clean is the new dry: aka mothering lowers your standards.

example the first:  our house now has what is referred to as 'the pee blanket'.  this is a quilt that we lay on the floor for extended nudey time.  the baby pees on it 3-4 times a day, as she loves being naked more than anything.  i wash it about twice a week.  once it dries, the fact that it has been peed on (again) becomes negligable.  my new definition of 'clean' very closely resembles my old definition of 'dry'.

before becoming a mother, i never thought to myself 'oh good, its only pee, i don't have to change my shirt/her onesie/the sheets.  but really, how much laundry can one woman do?


  1. Much like my new definition of "no doggie accidents." It's only poop. You can pick that up with a paper towel! Besides, it's in YOUR pants on the floor. Shouldn't have left them on the floor... or better yet, how do I know the DOG did it?????? LOL Happy mommying!