Monday, January 31, 2011

ah-ha! a blog!

I've decided to try writing a blog, partially to create some kind of record of what life is like around here these days, mostly for my own sanity...I can at least pretend that I'm communicating with someone with language skills.  Although probably not.  Oh well, self delusion is just the thing right?
Anyways, Althea - having stayed up late (almost 9:00 pm!!!) to attend the clothing swap- is having an extra long morning nap.  rounding on 40 minutes now so surely will be awake anytime, and I should probably be moving the laundry along instead of idly messing about on the internets.  Laundry at the house these days is a lot like silverware rolling at the matter how much of it you do there is always more.

It's also supposed to dump snow on us for the next couple days, so we must be off to the woodmans this afternoon,  oops, there she is squawking her wakefullness to the world.

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