Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6 months!!!

I find it very hard to believe.  6 months is the same as 1/2 of a year (nice math/time telling skills right?).  which means in the same amount of time again, she will be a whole year old.  which is - in my mind at least - when you stop being a baby and become a tiny person.  OMG.
She clearly knows its her half birthday though.  She's been doing amazing new things all week, like rolling back to front WITH her diaper on (not just naked), eating oatmeal off a spoon, shaking toys rather than just stuffing them directly into her mouth, etc.
We are awesomely having a snow day to celebrate her 6 month b-day.  Both MMSD and -amazingly- the UW are closed due to enormous snow drifts everywhere, so Corinne and Walker are both home all day.  Will be making birthday treats later (not for the baby, clearly, for me.  I get to eat treats because I kept the baby alive for 6 months.  Also, reached personal goal weight, so obviously time for carrot cake.  or maybe peanut butter cookies)
I will now try to add a picture of my budding nudist.  *Note:  In Ecuador, Walker and I were jointly voted 'most likely to be the first ones naked' so clearly the child comes by it honest.
ETA: this picture features the pee blanket.


  1. clearly picture adding fail. sorry guys, my techno skills are sub par.

  2. ah-ha! there it is! picture posting win!