Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, my question is (for mamas out there of bigger babies)  do you ever go back to thinking of your boobs in a sexy way?  Like, oh, foreplay!  I hope it involves my boobs!  Because I have memories of this, really I do.  I used to like my boobs to be involved in my sex life.  Now I only wish that the poor things could get some peace and quiet.  Pretty much the only time they aren't being manhandled is when I can distract her highness with something else, usually alternate food item.  (see: apple core)
In addition to the hours each day that they are working hard to provide sustenance to the very hungry caterpillar, they are constantly being mauled, groped, kneaded, and clawed by a certain baby.  I'm pretty sure if no one ever touches my boobs ever ever again, I will be quite pleased.  But it makes me a little sad to feel that way.  so? what's the verdict other mamas?


  1. just stopped by your blog from seeing your link on Babycenter - I love it! It's super funny and I can relate to all of it. Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming.
    Oh, and YES I know about not wanting anything else touching your boobs. It's happened with all three of my kids. They're huge, but OFF LIMITS! Cheers.

  2. I think eventually once she slows down in the nursing department, or stops all together, then will your boobs be sexy to YOU again. I don't think the partners feel they are un-sexy at the moment. I mean if they get a little squeeze in there they are happy right?

  3. LOL I love this post, dropped in from babycenter. I feel EXACTLY like you. And I also am a mother to "her highness" who is only boob baby. By her 'highness's' choice, lol. She is ADORABLE btw! Funny blog!