Monday, February 21, 2011


omg shoot me in the foot next time i decide i need to install something.  whew.  2.25 hours, 3 kinds of cabinet latches, and a wide variety of extremely colorful curse words later, i have successfully installed 4 (count 'em, 4) child proof locks (magnetic locking! very exciting!) on the kitchen cabinets of the new house.  this way - my theory is - Althea will in a few short months be able to crawl merrily around in the kitchen while I make delicious, wholesome food for us all (in my imagination i am very domestic)  but will NOT be able to break glass baking dishes, eat dishwasher detergent, or otherwise grievously injure herself as she will only have access to the cupboards I have purposefully left undefended, which are filled with baby appropriate kitchen items, like measuring spoons, plastic plates, sippy cups, and pots and pans to bang around.  so, very good idea me!  but next time, consider asking handy husband to install blasted #$%^ing locks.
*note:  Each lock (4 remember?) has two plastic pieces.  each piece has 2 tiny little screws.  every tiny little screw must be placed in the exact right position, or else all pieces must be un-installed and then re-installed an inch up or down.

In totally unrelated news:  I am famous!  Other internet mama used my pic (from Althea's birth) in her blog today about natural pain relief methods.  see link:  

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