Friday, February 4, 2011

sick? who's sick?

so, after a long day of fever, coughing, pooing, boogers, lethargy, etc, and a night that was interrupted by a tiny furnace baby with a temp of 103 who projectile vomited tylenol and breast milk all over the bed, i took althea in to see the doctor.
did she cough? no.
temperature? 98.6 (for real. exactly.)
did she smile and coo and flirt with dr. steve? yes.

now i look like the crazy parent who is always dragging their kid to the dr. unnecessarily. on plus side, baby is better! hoorah! now am washing both blankets, top sheet, fitted sheet and mattress protector. not the crib sheet though. Althea doesn't vomit on her own things.

here is a picture of her lackadaisical sicky self in the sink bath.

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