Friday, July 29, 2011

this blog is your baby book.

sorry sweetie, but this is it.
so i wanted to record that you took your first steps today.  one two three, from holding onto me you let go and walked right over to your little train table.
3 days shy of your first birthday.  so when later, i can't remember when, i will have this record of it.  providing the internet still exists.
congrats peanut.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Althea can sign the following things:
all done

but the one she loves the most is 'milk'.  and she does NOT mean in a sippy cup, just so we are clear.  she means 'get your boobies out mama, get them out'.  And she does it in the most sincere way, looking into my eyes, squeezing her little fist oh-so-deliberately, like 'look at me, i can tell you what i want.  i want your boobies.'.
and i want to teach her that communicating is good, and that signing (and talking) are a way to tell others what you want, without shrieking.
by my estimate, Althea signed 'milk' to me AT LEAST 50 times today.  she is drunk with the power of the milk sign.  "you mean, anytime i squeeze my little fist, mama will let me nurse?!?!?!  FAN.TAS.TIC!"
help me.  help my poor, sad, nipples.  why did I think this was a good idea?  we probably should not have taught her to communicate.