Monday, February 7, 2011


pretty average day around here.  Althea is slowly recovering from her yucky cold, and so far has no fever tonight-yippee!  We went over to the St Vinnie-Vins and got some glass canisters for the new house and a super tacky red stuffed heart to take Valentine pictures with.  This is what I do when I am bored now, I think of new ways to photograph the baby.  When we get our tax money back I'm totally going to get a DSLR camera and photoshop.  Think how much extra time I could use up then!   Sometimes I feel like time is this very very precious entity to be treasured, and sometimes i feel it is an ugly slobbery beast that must be beaten into submission or killed.
Researching 'baby led solids' tonight, since we still have 95% no luck with feeding the baby 'solid food' (those are sarcasm quote marks, since the solid food is not solid, but rather totally runny purees).  She rejects all food that comes on a spoon.  oatmeal, fruits, veggies, if its on a spoon she doesn't want it.  BUT she loves loves loves the little mesh bag feeder thing, so I'm thinking baby led solids might be the thing for her.  This basically involves presenting your baby with big chunks of soft, gum-able food, preferably with a sort of handle, and letting them suck/slobber/ingest it in bits. think well cooked broccoli chunk the size of a baby fist, and they grab it by the stalk and stick it in their mouth. the idea is that as they get better at chewing and maneuvering food, they will slowly eat more and more of it, leading them to need to nurse less often.  google it if you want more details.  I plan on trying it out tomorrow and will report back on success/failure.

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