Saturday, March 19, 2011

teeth and bike helmets

are both for big girls.  I'm having a minor panic attack about this whole tooth thing.  No one warned me it would be so very alarming!  I mean, its tiny.  One, wee little tooth.  Not even a whole tooth yet, just the pointy top.  And it feels like such a big deal.  It IS a big deal.  A tooth.  Know who has teeth?  Grownups.  Big kids.  Not babies. And so in my mind there is a bi-polar refrain:
 'don't grow a tooth.  stay my little toothless baby.  no wait, don't.  grow up into an amazing little girl. no, just kidding.  not yet.  no teeth for you.  you don't need 'em.  but I guess you do, and a baby forever will get tiresome'...etc etc.

and just to add a little extra anxiety about little babies who are actually big babies, we got a bike seat and a helmet for her today.  Look closely:  you can see the helmet AND the tooth.  That damn tooth.  Next time someone asks me 'what didn't you expect about motherhood?' I'm not going to talk about the amazing all consuming love, or the constant preoccupation with pooping.  I'm going to say that I never knew a freaking tooth would turn into such a big deal.

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