Tuesday, March 29, 2011

crawling...soon baby girl, soon.

Althea spends a lot of time every day now trying so hard to crawl forward.  No longer is she content with lying, or sitting, in the location where I have placed her, surrounded by interesting and brightly colored objects.  It's almost comical except I can see how frustrating it must be, and then I feel bad for her.  She sees something that she wants (usually me, but sometimes a toy or baby danger item like cord, choking hazard, etc).  She can paddle herself around in a circle and spin like a little clock...still can't get it.  She can roll side to side across the room laterally...still can't get it.  She can push up into cobra and slide backwards (until she runs into the wall or wedges herself under the couch) and now, not only can she still not get it, but the object of her desire is EVEN FARTHER AWAY GODDAMMIT!  This is when she usually starts shrieking.  Loud, earsplitting shrieks, accompanied by a look (again, usually at me) that manages to imply that really, this is all my fault. Why can I not see that she is in need of some assistance RIGHT NOW MAMA, RIGHT NOW!.
soon baby girl, soon.  you will figure this out and then oh baby oh, how your world's gonna grow.  and Mama will be in for it then.

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