Friday, March 11, 2011

no naps for me

I should have learned by now not to try and nap with the baby.  it always ends with me feeling worse.  invariably, i fall asleep, get into whatever the deep sleep is called, and the baby wakes up crying.  then i try desperately to make her go back to sleep because half a nap makes me MORE tired, not less.  She refuses.  If i was a better mother, the resulting 30 minutes of half crying/whining clinginess wouldn't make me feel like leaving the baby alone in her room, turning the music up really load to drown out her screams, and having a drink regardless of it being only 4:00.  Good mothers surely don't feel like this.  But I do.  So really, I should just not nap.  Sleep is for the weak.

1 comment:

  1. A wise pediatrician once told me that all parents *think* about doing things that are harmful to their children when they are feeling over-stressed. The difference is that a good parent doesn't actually do it.