Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear boobs,

Dear boobs,
I know you put up with a lot.  You are the answer to every. single. problem. that our darling baby has.  fall and bump her head?  boobs!  a little sleepy? boobs!  not feeling so good? boobs!  peckish?  boobs!  teething?  boobs, boobs, boobs. you're constantly being manhandled, exposed, groped, mauled, pinched, and occasionally bit.  You deserve a fucking break.  Unfortunately, there is not one in sight.  However, please know that you are loved, so very very much, by the baby.  also by my husband, who loves me with 'after children boobs' (thank you lindsay for that little gem).  and I appreciate the hard hard work you do, and all the bottles I don't have to make and wash because of you.  You rock, boobs.  
<3,  Mama

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