Monday, May 30, 2011


what a crazy month of visiting and family and travel.

A few gems of the airplane world:
on the way there, Airtran left our carseat. in the jetway.  in milwaukee.    they had to 'loan' us one in SF to get to Jan's house, and delivered ours the next day.
on the way back, this super bitchy stewardess made me take a SLEEPING baby out of the Ergo for take-off.

but the stay in CA was great.  Althea became this tiny socialite; charming people left, right and center with her fart noises, grins,  and general sunny disposition.  she learned to wave.  and cluck her tongue.  and she got FAST.  so watch out world.

then we were home for literally 1 day before I took off sans husband for a 3 day weekend camping trip.  Althea took it like a champ.  she was called 'party baby'.  and once again charmed everyone.

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