Monday, April 25, 2011

You Ruined Everything lyrics

When I am out and about and I see big girls, I get all advance-nostalgy.  I think about how beautiful and smart and funny I think Althea is going to be as a 9,10,11 year old and I don't know, my nursing hormones kick into overdrive or something.  I was at a concert with Walker Saturday night and there was this just gorgeous little girl there, maybe 9 years old, all dressed up and sitting on her papa's shoulders through the whole show.  She was so grown up and proud to be a concert, you could tell.  Something about her just made me think of Althea getting big I guess.
*Note:  I do not think this when I see 15 year olds.  Not even a little bit.  

The show, BTW, was Jonathon Coulton, my current favorite funny guy musician.  He wrote a song about becoming a parent called "You Ruined Everything" which I love. (watch video please).  People have asked him what he would do when his kids heard this song.
At the show he said that recently his little girl had heard this song, and asked him "daddy, does ruined mean anything else?".  To which he replied, 
'nope.  just ruined.  like wrecked.'  but honestly, its too sweet.  it makes me weepy eyes.

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